The modular worktop blanks in the maia solid surface range are designed to be simple to plan and install. They are pre-edged and the surface is factory finished so there is no need to re-sand the top once it is installed (except in the area around a joint or if you apply edging). The choice of 1.8m and 3.6m lengths helps to eliminate wastage as you only have to order as much as you need. The 600mm depth is an industry standard – the 650mm depth can be useful if you have deeper cabinets or appliances or if there is pipework to run behind the units.

In addition to the standard range, maia also offers worktops with a curve at each end. These curved surfaces have radiused ends to match the growing trend for curved kitchen doors to create a softer look. The standard 240mm radius complements the majority of new style kitchen doors.

All worktops are wrapped in heavy duty shrink-wrap then boxed. Each is supplied with an additional 1200mm length of additional edging and a 3m length of heat reflective tape that is used for hob cut outs.